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Five Steps to Take When Planning to Build a Custom Home

Your home is often your biggest investment. Like any investment, you want it to pay off, not only financially but also in your quality of life. And sometimes, a standard “cookie cutter” home isn’t enough. You need a home customized to your needs. These five steps to building a custom home will help you get… Read more »

Options to Consider for an Energy Efficient Custom Built Home

Building a home is such an exciting time, especially if you’re building an energy efficient home. There’s nothing like the feeling of going green while saving money and not being as beholden to “the grid”. There are plenty of options for you to build your energy efficient home. Consider some of these for bringing down… Read more »

Newer Septic Systems More Efficient

These photos are from one of our current builds in 80132. They feature newer Septic System technology that uses Plastic Vault Technology instead of traditional gravel drain fields. The pressurized system takes full advantage of the natural soils ability to absorb effluent. Written By: Brice Thomas Are you considering a new build in an area… Read more »

We are Building in Sweetwater Ridge, Colorado Springs

This August 2015 foundation photo is one of our new build’s now taking place in Sweetwater Ridge. The foundation is key and once it is poured things start moving fast. We have TWO LOTS LEFT of 40 units for new builds in this beautiful Patio Home Community of Sweetwater Ridge, Colorado Springs which is part of the… Read more »

Build a Multi-Generational Home in El Paso County, Colorado

It’s already common to build a multi-generational home in other countries. They understand the cycle of life, the need for the younger to care for the elders, and the realities of economic conditions. In the US, the practice is becoming more popular primarily due to financial reasons –  grown up children finishing school and staying… Read more »

Rethinking Your Dream Home for Over 50s

We’ve all heard of “empty nesters”. For every parent, becoming an empty nester is a transformative stage of life. These days, however, the age when people become empty nesters has gone up markedly. With some housing markets so costly and with financial squeezes in modern economic times, kids are living at home longer as they… Read more »

El Paso County, Colorado – A Great Place to Build a Home

Building Your Home in El Paso County, CO, Will Change Your Life Take a moment to look around you and consider what you see. And consider what you hear. Is the rat race intruding into your eyes and ears? Need something new and fresh? El Paso County, Colorado, is a wide open paradise that offers… Read more »

Design Ideas for Your Dream Luxury Custom Built Home

When designing a luxury custom built home in Colorado Springs, you need to get the basics of home construction right first before you think about selecting themes and finishes. After deciding on the layout and function of your new luxury home, you can look at tips and ideas for the design of each area of… Read more »

Things to Consider When Building a Custom Home in Colorado Springs

Making the decision to live and build a custom home in Colorado Springs is easy. After all, this area is picturesque, clean, convenient, spacious and the lifestyle is incredible. When it comes to actually building that dream custom home, there are many things to think about. You’ll need a trusted team of professionals who not… Read more »

Upgrades to Consider for Your Custom Colorado Home Design

If you’re thinking of designing and building a new home or contemplating an upgrade, you can make it happen. This will be your dream home – in our incredible state – so it should truly reflect your personality. For custom home design in Colorado – particularly in gorgeous Colorado Springs – there are many upgrade… Read more »