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5 Common Mistakes in Custom Home Building

Whenever you build a new home, there are many pitfalls to avoid. From setting the foundation to applying the roof, there are steps along the way that could make or break your home as an investment. Without taking the proper measures every step of the way, you could be signing yourself up for years of headaches. With Murphy’s Custom Homes in Colorado Springs, Douglas, and El Paso County, you don’t have to worry about that. 

Ever since moving to town in 1985, Tim Murphy has been building and designing homes in the Colorado Springs area. Tim, along with the rest of our team of home builders and designers, knows better to take short cuts or overlook details. After all, the devil is in the details, and we make sure to address all of them, whether that’s with your home’s design or just its basic functionality. A home that looks great isn’t worth much if it needs constant repairs. We’ll take the steps needed to make sure that doesn’t happen to your custom built home and that it has just as much luxury as you imagined.Man looks at design possibilities

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Home

Not everyone understands the entire process of building a home, and while some home building companies and contractors may revel in someone else’s failure, we hate to see any plot go to waste in Colorado Springs. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid if you do decide to build your home with somebody else rather than Murphy’s Custom Homes, but please, give us a call before you do. We’ll let you know the difference in cost, features, and overall quality that Murphy’s can provide.

Building the Home Yourself

Building your own home sounds like a great idea to a lot of people, and we get that. Many of us have built our own homes as well. However, there’s about 35 years of home building experience separating us from the everyman, and as much as we applaud your fortitude, we’d hate to see it be put to waste. Many people who decide to build their own home never actually finish it, and while there may be some legitimate reasons for this, you might feel better making a down payment on a home that will be completed rather than sinking cash into something just to live in an unfinished home for years to come. 

On top of the extra stress and financial burden it may put on you, having a home custom built by Murphy’s might give you some of the same feelings, since we keep you in charge and in the loop about all design and construction until your home is complete.

Running Out of Money

Running out of money is a serious problem that a lot of people who build a custom home run into. Whatever the reason for that might be, it’s best to secure your financing and your budget before you get started. At Murphy’s Custom Homes, we’ll work with you before and during the building process to make sure that we are staying within your budget. If there are ever any changes that will seriously affect the budget, you’ll know in real time. Running out of money is another reason to go with a custom home building company over doing it yourself. While you may save labor costs, you won’t have the lower cost materials and construction management skills it often takes to keep a home within budget.

Blueprint and Placement Confusion

It may sound basic, but following directions and blueprints is very important to getting the home you want and the right design. If you’re building your own custom home without much construction experience, you could very well build a whole room or lay down infrastructure in the wrong place. Not only will this delay completion of the build, but you’ll be spending extra money as well to undo the work. Aside from not budgeting and planning correctly, this is one of the mistakes that dooms projects most.

Not Visiting the Plot Before You Build

Not visiting a plot that you’re planning on building your custom home on can be a major mistake. While we own and know the plots that you’d be building on with us, and therefore know the land, not visiting your plot could be detrimental to the final product of your custom home. Certain custom builders do not own the plots they’ll be working on or know the land. If you don’t visit it with them to make sure there’s a thorough inspection and exchange of ideas on what needs to happen, then you may end up with added construction costs. However, even if they’re responsible home builders like us, you should visit the plot first. Imagine spending hundreds of thousands of dollars just to find out you’re not crazy about the location!

Not Securing the Foundation of the Home

This one should be obvious, but it’s still something that dooms many homes in the long run. A faulty foundation could literally be the ruin of a home. It could cause it to collapse. But more likely what will happen is a slow degradation of the home over time, eventually leading to leaks in the cracks of the foundation and the plumbing. Having a faulty foundation always means major reconstruction or ongoing repairs for a home. Eventually, it may even be condemned. That’s a large price to pay just because your builders weren’t thorough or because your foundation wasn’t properly inspected. When you build a custom home, know it’s your right to ask, time and time again, whether or not the foundation is secure.

Avoid Mistakes; Build Your Home In Colorado Springs With Murphy’s

You can be sure with Murphy’s Custom Homes in Colorado Springs that we won’t cut corners and make you have to deal with mistakes that alter your home’s building plans or that have you sitting out in the cold for years to come. Reach out to Murphy’s Custom Homes in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, and Douglas County for a luxury home you’ll love — not a half-built home and a headache!

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