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Build a Multi-Generational Home in El Paso County, Colorado

It’s already common to build a multi-generational home in other countries. They understand the cycle of life, the need for the younger to care for the elders, and the realities of economic conditions.

In the US, the practice is becoming more popular primarily due to financial reasons –  grown up children finishing school and staying at home longer as they look for work, some underperforming housing markets, and expensive seniors care.

It turns out Colorado is an ideal place for building a multi-generational home, particularly El Paso County.

Live Together But Separately in a Great Place

One key issue when building a multi-generation home is that people, young or old, want their independence. Many people under the one roof has benefits for all, but also makes people want their own space. This is where the design and construction experts step in.

Choosing to live in El Paso County is a brilliant idea. Housing is not expensive like  in the major cities. Young family members can enjoy a thriving active lifestyle, especially in the outdoors. The area includes awesome Colorado Springs while Denver is just down the road. Families can grow in clean air and without the hustle and bustle of urban life. And elderly family members can remain with loved ones while having good amenities, infrastructure and medical care close by.

Just as seniors desire a balance of independence and support, young adults also need a space that is theirs while they build their careers and home deposits. Or teens need a retreat.

Typically, this means having several areas to the home, with separate bathrooms, kitchens, living areas and entrances especially. Creating a modular space can separate these areas while allowing them all to open into one larger space whenever necessary.

How Separate or Together?

Keep in mind, multi-generational often means considering up to three generations. Should they be separated by levels with their own independent living spaces? Or should you go with a main house and a separate guest house? Should there be one communal area for everyone? One of the many benefits of El Paso County, CO, is that acreage is readily available and you could set all this up without even bothering with multiple levels and stairs. As seniors age, wheelchair access is very important. When designing with your contracting team, remember ramps, lowered/adjustable counters, and wider doorways.

7 Possible Multi-Generational Home Design Features

When you build a multi-generational home, you can use all of these ideas or a combination of them in order to make living comfortable, convenient and fulfilling.

  • Multiple kitchens.
  • Multiple entrances.
  • Separate private spaces.
  • Master bedrooms on the first floor.
  • Dual master suites.
  • Living areas on the lower levels.
  • Guest house, ground floor suite, attic apartment, or even garage apartment.

Health Benefits

A multi-generational home has great health benefits, especially in an area like El Paso County and Colorado Springs with all the natural beauty and cleanliness. For starters, there’s less stress. With aging Mom and Pop under the same roof, your worries about their health and financial situation can ease. They, in turn, can relax knowing that family (instead of strangers) is right there should they need help.

Togetherness is just as important as independence. If you have a communal area, like a family great room, you can be together for the holidays, gatherings and parties, game nights, movie nights, and so on.

So, if building a multi-generational home is what you need, El Paso County is a great place for it. Enjoy all of your family under the same roof while still living your own independent lives and enjoying Colorado’s greatness.

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