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Design Ideas for Your Dream Luxury Custom Built Home

When designing a luxury custom built home in Colorado Springs, you need to get the basics of home construction right first before you think about selecting themes and finishes. After deciding on the layout and function of your new luxury home, you can look at tips and ideas for the design of each area of the house.

Modern Building Trends for Luxury Custom Homes

Modern building trends take into account the needs of all members of the family.

  • Ultra-modern communications infrastructure. High-tech features are in demand for including in luxury homes. Cabling and wiring systems should be installed to support state-of-the-art entertainment and sound systems, home office and communications.
  • Home security and automation systems. Plan to install advanced home security systems to keep your family safe at all times. Home automation systems are becoming increasingly popular to be able to control everything in the home remotely, including lighting, sound and heating.
  • Green building construction. With the ever rising cost of energy and other utilities, most new luxury homeowners are implementing green building aspects in their designs. These include upgraded insulation, solar power panels, highly efficient HVAC systems, low-emission windows and solar water heaters.
  • Cost effective building. Cost effective building is not always about  installing spendthrift features or a rigid adherence to energy saving and budget constraints. Often some of the high-end options will save you money in the long term.

Luxury Custom Home Design Tips and Ideas

There are literally thousands of tips and ideas for the design of a luxury custom home. However, not all ideas are compatible. The theme you choose may be for the entire home, but you should allow yourself some room for deviating from this in different areas. Some good tips and ideas to consider are:-

  • Extra storage. When interviewed after construction, many homeowners admit that the one aspect they wished they’d paid more attention to is storage. You can always use more storage space. Utilize the “dead” areas of your home in a creative way to increase storage capacity. Look at using space under stairwells, on top of kitchen cabinets, and in garages and attics.
  • Electrical outlets. Plan the number of electrical outlets you need in each room as well as outdoor areas of your home. And make each a quad outlet. It is not always easy to add these afterward.
  • Lighting. The more options and controls, the better. Plan these before construction and have your contractor provide diagrams of each room.
  • Laundry room. In a multi-level home, plan to build the laundry room on the same level as your bedrooms. This saves you hauling clothes and bed linen up and down stairs.
  • Natural lighting. Your design should pay close attention to windows, glass doors and skylights. Optimize the natural light flooding in so your custom home feels airy and spacious. This is especially important during Colorado Springs’ short winter days.
  • Beverage refrigerator. A dedicated beverage refrigerator frees up space in your main refrigerator. Great for families and for entertaining. Include the space in the designs of your custom home.
  • iGlass. This is so much more than just a luxury home extra. Glass that can be dimmed at the flick of a switch is great for privacy when you’re in the bathroom or getting changed.

Talk to your Colorado Springs luxury custom home construction company about all the design options you should include. The more planning you do together before construction, the greater your custom home will be.

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