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El Paso County, Colorado – A Great Place to Build a Home

Building Your Home in El Paso County, CO, Will Change Your Life

Take a moment to look around you and consider what you see. And consider what you hear. Is the rat race intruding into your eyes and ears? Need something new and fresh?

El Paso County, Colorado, is a wide open paradise that offers the conveniences of urban and suburban life alongside untouched mountains and sprawling forests.

When you build your home in El Paso County you will be changed; just breathe the clear air and let your spirit be lifted.

Bang for Your Buck

City life is getting crazy expensive and daunting. But building a home in El Paso County, CO, needn’t break the bank and can give you so much more for your investment. Most people could easily have a bigger, more comfortable  home without going bankrupt. With El Paso County’s average income of around $57,000 and square footage ownership averaging out at $154, it is very affordable to have some awesome comforts and even luxury at home.

Urban Meets Country

When considering building your home in El Paso County, you will notice a mixture of lifestyles. Energetic city life (Denver is very close by) is accessible, as are its urban and suburban cultures. Denver is also becoming a hotbed for music, theatre, and all the arts. But in mere minutes you can be in El Paso County in the heart of a country paradise, surrounded by mountains and old growth trees and the great waterways that feed them. Suits, ties, and loafers are replaced with comfortable jeans, boots, hiking gear, and even the old flannel shirts. Building your home in El Paso County gives you easy access to all these while allowing you to think and take in the clean, crisp, fresh air.

Young Adventurers and Families

With a median age of 33, El Paso County is one of the youngest communities in Colorado. Building your home in El Paso County will provide you and your family with many lifestyle options, as well as incredible amenities and opportunities. Be with people just like you, growing and sharing adventures together. It is a very social community. You and your kids will love it.

The entire area boasts wonderful hiking trails. Colorado is known for its outdoor sports – mountain biking, skiing, rock climbing, horseback riding, golf, you name it.

El Paso County is also awash with historic attractions like the famous Pikes Peak, the Pikes Peak National Historic Landmark, Old Colorado City, and Manitou Springs. It’s even home to a real castle.

Building a Home in El Paso County                                                                  

When you find your dream patch of land, the contractor designing and building your home will submit a site plan, a Builders Erosion and Storm Water Quality Permit, and a driveway permit, along with your master plans. It’s great to know they and the community do everything necessary to ensure that new housing doesn’t disturb the area’s beauty and ecology.

Approval can take as little as one day(!) and typically no more than three or four. If you’re investing in property, then you may bring up to three site plans with you at a time.

So, what’s stopping you from building a home in El Paso County, CO? You get affordable comfort, stunning surrounds, an active lifestyle, and a young and thriving community. Come and enjoy the best of everything.

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