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How to Elevate Your Kitchen: Modern Design to Classic Kitchen Feature

Everyone is familiar with the classic Lazy Susan cabinet feature in many kitchens today! This one little cabinet has been adding storage enhancement and functionality to kitchens for generations –  these designs truly leave something to be desired!

Depending on the year of the home, the style of this cabinet will vary from a diagonal corner cabinet to an accordion door or even a mini pantry style door. All of which, though functional, are sadly an outdated look. 

Even though these cabinets have failed to keep up with innovation of modern kitchen designs with their beautiful clean lines that we all know and love, this kitchen feature adds value to any home. Any time you can create more storage and accessibility in a kitchen results in a win win for homeowners. In an article from Better Homes and Gardens, it was noted that this simple feature brings unexpected value to a home. 

So how do you keep this value adding classic kitchen feature without compromising the beauty of a modern kitchen aesthetic? Well, look no further! Our very own Tim Murphy of Murphy’s Custom Homes had been asking this same question. While he was out shopping for modern custom cabinetry discovered the solution in a kidney shaped drawer cabinet from Brooks Brothers Cabinetry Inc.  

Check out a video demo below.

Kidney Drawer System Cabinet

The kidney shaped drawer cabinet that Tim discovered at  Brooks Brothers Cabinetry Inc. may also be referred to as a blind corner cabinet. Brooks Brothers Cabinetry Inc. is located in Colorado Springs, CO. They are ​​southern Colorado’s premier custom cabinetry design firm. If you’re looking for incredible custom/semi-custom cabinetry they are the people to see. Locally owned and operated by the Brooks family since 2004 with a family legacy in the furniture business dating back to the 1930’s. Their quality and customer service is unmatched. 

Are you planning to update your kitchen or designing your new home? The kidney shaped drawer cabinet is the future of cabinetry and a true must-have to maximize your kitchen storage while still accomplishing a sleek modern design. Don’t settle for outdated styles, there are several alternatives to the classic Lazy Susan design. Find more options in this article from Upgraded Home.

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