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Should I Hire An Architect Or Builder First?

If you are seriously thinking about building a custom home, then you have probably thought of this question: “Should I hire an architect or a builder first?” These are the two biggest players in the custom home building process, and both are equally important to the success of the project. You may find mixed opinions about who you should hire first, but honestly, you can pick either one first. What matters most is that you bring both of them on board at the start of the architectural design process. No matter which professional you choose first, make sure you are opening lines of communication between all of the professionals that you bring onto the project. 


Why You Need Both an Architect and a Builder

To some, it may seem intuitive to start with an architect first, after all, you need an architect to draw plans before a builder can build them. However, the roles have started to become a bit blurred, as they both help administer the project from start to finish, and give essential insight into the homebuilding process, like:

  • The ability to translate your vision from paper to reality
  • Valuable insights regarding design layout and features
  • Ideas and lessons learned from previous homes
  • Extensive knowledge of material and labor options, pricing, and availability
  • Valuable engineering and cost-saving insights
  • Familiarity with today’s best practices

Both professionals work within the same industry, but fulfill different parts of the process. Architects envision the structure, design the structure to meet your requirements, and prepare detailed instructions on how to build the custom home. These instructions lay out the design of your home and also estimate the cost of the material and the labor needed to construct it. 


What Each Contributes

Architects are well equipped to showcase options for you, also being able to transform your needs and desires into a design that meets your lifestyle needs. Architects can create mood, match styles, colors and finishes, make effective use of views, daylight and lighting, plan for traffic-flow, and maximize interior spaces. With their knowledge, architects can potentially anticipate building issues, interpret complex design aspects for the builder, and cut mistakes.

Builders, on the other hand, are equipped and motivated to provide top-quality materials and workmanship for your new home. They will keep you updated on the progress, notify you on decisions that must be made, and make sure you are very much a part of the building of your new custom home. 


No Matter Who You Choose, Build Your Team Early

Whether you select your architect or builder first, envision yourself building an entire team rather than building solo performers. No one person can build a custom home, but a team of experienced professionals can. If you happen to find an architect you want to work with, be sure to ask if they are willing to collaborate early with a builder. If you find a builder first, be sure to ask the same of them. By finding partners who will recognize the benefits of collaboration, your custom home building experience will be that much more successful and hassle-free. 


To reiterate, the roles of architects and builders have become a bit blurry, as both professions think it’s valuable to learn the essentials of each trade. Murphy’s Custom Homes makes it a little easier for you by providing you with a team that is highly experienced in both architecture and building. Our experience, expertise, and client-centered approach to custom home building have helped us excel in the industry, and has also given us the chance to work with clients to produce some pretty awesome homes! For more information about our custom home builders and custom home architects, contact our team today.


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