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Things to Consider When Building a Custom Home in Colorado Springs

Making the decision to live and build a custom home in Colorado Springs is easy. After all, this area is picturesque, clean, convenient, spacious and the lifestyle is incredible.

When it comes to actually building that dream custom home, there are many things to think about.

You’ll need a trusted team of professionals who not only advise you and help with information, but who also listen to you and go out of their way to do things the way you want.

That team will help you take care of details and the many considerations that go into the project.

Buying Land

The lot you choose obviously needs the kind of access to amenities and  community services that suits you. Consider carefully distance from work and schools, access for emergency responders, surrounding infrastructure, distance from shopping, etc.

Talk with the design and construction team to take into account things like zoning and restrictions. Be sure you are allowed to build an extra structure if necessary.

Custom Home Building Considerations

A lot of planning goes into the design of a custom home and this is your opportunity to get it right first time. Consider these items:

  • Fire safety. Have designers include a sprinkler system and places in the home for fire extinguishers.
  • Hallway width and ceiling height. Horizontal space in hallways makes a home feel open and welcoming. Vertical space looks grand. Set up your dream home the way you’ve always wanted.
  • Switches and electrical outlets. For each room in your home, work out the number of switches and power outlets you will need and the best locations for them. For example, in bedrooms four plugs per outlet is ideal. Then think about TVs, sound and gaming systems, Christmas trees, outdoor decorative lights, appliances, exterior outlets, inside bathroom cabinets, floor outlets in the garage, you name it.
  • Clever closets. Find niches where storage solutions can be added, especially hidden areas. Be sure you have enough storage for holiday decorations.
  • Have everything prewired for security systems, motion sensors, solar systems and for a generator. Then be sure the entire house is networked for speakers and multimedia – both inside and out.
  • USB ports. Either for charging phones or for accessing central systems.
  • Central vac. An absolute must.
  • Exterior water. Have hose access on all sides of the house and both hot and cold running water for pets.
  • Bathroom details like under-floor heating and heated towel racks.
  • For when you return from hikes, runs, bike rides or other expeditions, you need a room where you can put your sometimes wet and muddy gear.

These are just a few considerations to whet your appetite about building your custom home in Colorado Springs. Most important of all, go over the final drawings, plans and checklists with your contractor before construction starts.

If you want everything to go smoothly, from start to finish, you need a contractor with a proven track record for excellence in Colorado Springs and who knows all the local laws and conditions. With the right team in your corner, your custom dream home will be magnificent.

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