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Things to Do With a Custom Home in Douglas County

Douglas County is a fine place to live and build a home. With one of the highest median incomes in the country, Douglas County is a place where established families can go to live the fine life. Located in between Colorado Springs and Denver, Douglas has a lot to offer for those who are looking for homes in the area or a good plot to build their own. At Murphy’s Custom Homes in Colorado Springs, we have building plots all over Douglas County.

Murphy’s Custom Homes is one of the premiere home builders in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. With over 35 years of experience in building and designing homes, our team is second to none, and our luxury custom homes have taken home the prize of “People’s Choice” for two years in a row. Whether you’re looking for something small and secluded or something large and prominent, our custom home builders will match your tastes and provide you with something that defines your idea of luxury.

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Places to Go and Things to Do in Douglas County

When you come to Douglas County, you’re coming to an area that is currently going through a bit of a cultural shift — from the old, rural ranching towns that used to make up the area to a thriving suburban haven — so you’re getting the best of both worlds if you enjoy both nature and doing things in a busy but tame environment. With our wide selection of home building lots in Douglas County, you can pick the area that’s best for you.

Rock Park

Aptly named Rock Park, the park host’s the rock that makes Castle Rock, Castle Rock. About a 1.5 mile hike to the top, it is a relatively easy trail and one that will be great for you and your family upon arrival to your new home or plot finding mission. It will give you a small taste of what it will be like to hike in the grander areas of Colorado, as getting to the top allows great views of Pikes Peak and the rest of the Rocky Mountains stretching out in front of you. We’re sure if someone could build a home on top of this rock, they would!

Whitewater Rafting

One of the great things about living in Castle Rock is easy access to a large number of ecosystems and areas. East of the area is mostly plains, while to the west lies the mountains, and if you go in just a little bit further, epic rides on white water await. There would be a number of rivers and white water rafting facilities just an hour or so’s drive into the mountains from your home in Douglas County if you choose to have your custom built home there.

Denver Botanic Gardens

The Denver Botanic Gardens is a magical place, that has much more to offer than just plants, although the plants would be enough for many on their own, they also host art exhibits, farmer’s markets, and a wide range of everchanging activities for children and couples alike. With so many people in Colorado being nature lovers, the Botanic Gardens remind you of that love whilst also being among a vibrant city community. With their mission stated as being to help educate and transform the way people think about the environment, you’re likely to see some wonders you won’t see anywhere else. With Denver just about 40 minutes away, it’s an easy drive from homes in Douglas County

Devil’s Head Lookout

Devil’s Head Lookout is a historic place in Douglas County where you can go and get a glimpse of the view that some of the first U.S. Forest Service members enjoyed while looking out for fires in Colorado. Reachable by the Devil’s Head National Recreation Trail, the lookout station is located on a pinnacle of a piece of granite near the top of Pikes Peak. Originally established in 1912, the first lookout tower was built in 1919. It’s the last remaining in-service fire lookout along the front range, and those who reach it will have the pleasure of views that go at least 100 miles in any direction on a good day. If you really want to know what mountain air feels like, but you only have a short time to look for building plots in Colorado, this is a trip you should definitely make. You can ride most of the way to the top and then take the moderate trail to a view that makes the world seem smaller and yet still more vast than our brains can comprehend. There’s nothing like it in the eastern United States.

Denver Sports, Museums, and Fine Dining

If you’re living in Douglas County, then chances are you’re going to get the itch to go out and enjoy your time in the city every once in a while. With Denver being only a short drive away, as we mentioned previously, there’s really no limit to the activities that you can access from a home in Douglas County. Denver has a vibrant food, drink, and nightlife scene, as well as a number of museums, exhibits, and experiences that can help give you a taste of art and culture. It also features a professional sports team in every major sport.

The great thing about living in Douglas County is that you could have a night out in the city and, as long as you have a designated driver, make it back to your bed early enough to wake up the next morning and have the whole day in front of you.

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If you’re thinking about building your own luxury custom home in Douglas County, what are you waiting for? With some of the nicest neighborhoods and local amenities in Colorado, on top of the fact that all the nature and city life you could want is just a short trip away, there’s nothing stopping an adventurous family from loving their life in Douglas County. Let’s see if we can make that a reality for you. Give us a call today and we’ll help you find a building lot in Douglas County that’s right for you. If we can, it’s time to start the design process of your custom built home!

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