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Can I Build My Home in the Winter Months?

Winter is slowly approaching, and you may be wondering if now is the right time to start building your custom home. Conventional wisdom for homebuilders used to be that if you can’t get the roof on before the first snowfall, then you should wait until spring. With the updated technology and building methods, however, custom home building during the winter is not only possible, but it could have some benefits for both the owner and the contractor. Let’s take a look at what building a custom home during winter entails, and what you may expect. If you would like more information about the process, or would like to speak with our team of custom home builders in Colorado Springs, then contact us today!


More Attention

Yes, winter is not the most popular time for those who are interested in building their own homes, but those who are pursuing the challenge anyway will experience greater personal attention. Starting a build in the winter offers customers much more personal attention than they might receive during busier months. Subcontractors, construction crews, engineers, designers, and everyone else involved in the custom home building process are simply less busy during the winter, so they are readily available to devote time to each customer, walking them through the process and answering clients’ questions without feeling the usual time crunch. 


Build Your Home Quicker

In addition to having undivided attention from everyone involved in the building process, you may expect a quicker home building experience, again, because this time is much less busy than the more traditional homebuilding months of spring and summer. Work permits may be approved faster because fewer people are applying for them. However, it is important to note that any specific home building goals and important timelines should be discussed with your contractor to set realistic timelines. If you are choosing to build in the winter instead of waiting for spring, you will be in your new home much faster than if you were to wait.

…Or Expect Delays

You may also face longer completion time for your winter home building process, especially if you live in an area that gets heavy snowfall. Colorado Springs doesn’t see too much snowfall during the winter, but homesites that are difficult to get to, or are notoriously icy, may spell trouble for the contractors and builders. Realistically, you may need to expect some weather-related delays or even cancellations of an entire day’s work depending on the weather. Even if the weather does cooperate, the days are shorter, giving crews less daily work time, resulting in a drawn-out timeline.


The Bottom Line

It really depends on your situation. While custom homes can be built, or at least started during the winter, extra precautions need to be made in order to ensure your home is sound. Don’t let winter deter you from building your home — a good home contractor will plan well and work efficiently, which will keep costs down and ensure that your home is being built correctly. Murphy’s Custom Homes takes great care to execute a level of excellence when it comes to building custom homes. This is the home that you will be building the rest of your life in, so you want it to be perfect. Well, so do we, which is why we don’t let weather get in the way of that. If you are ready to get started on building your custom home, then contact our custom home contractors in Colorado Springs and speak with a builder today.

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