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Custom Home Renovations for Fall and Winter

Some home renovations go a long way towards making your home more comfortable, and if you’re ever going to build your own custom home, then you might as well have all the luxuries you’ve ever wanted. All those little quirks and design ideas that have come to mind as you’ve grown up — now’s your chance to make them real. At Murphy’s Custom Homes in Colorado Springs, we’ve been helping homeowners make those dream houses a reality, and we’ve seen a lot of good ideas that make houses into homes.

When it comes to making your home comfortable, the winter months are where your renovations are going to most come into play. After all, with that beautiful Colorado weather, it’s when you’ll spend most of your time inside. When you build your custom home, try to keep these dream features in mind, and the cozy nights you could spend in place all your own. If you’re in El Paso or Douglas Counties, keep us in mind to build it!

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5 Renovations to Make Your Fall and Winter Warm

For fall and winter, there are a number of renovations you can make to make the indoors a little more luxurious, as well as to bring a little of the outdoors in. These are all renovations that are safest and easiest to optimize when you’re building a home. That way you don’t have the cost of added construction and wasted materials from the first go around. Plus, they’ll go a long way towards making every fall and winter warm, cozy, and luxurious.

Glass Walls – Glass walls are a thing of beauty, especially when you live somewhere as beautiful as Colorado. Adding a glass wall to one side of your home, or even just to one wall of one story can add tremendous aesthetic value to your home, as you’re able to gaze out on the area around you. Imagine sitting in front of a fireplace, and looking out over mountains covered in snow and foliage. You’ll feel like you’re a part of it even as you sit inside, safe from the cold. Or maybe your home’s plot sits above town, and during Halloween and Christmas, you get the view of a town that’s happy, alive, and ablaze.

Hot Tub – Until you’ve experienced the comforts of your own hot tub, nestled into your luxurious bathroom or perhaps outside under the cover of a deck or patio covering, it can be hard to imagine just how much comfort a hot tub of your own can provide. The joys of being in a hot tub as leaves, and especially snow, falls, is a joy that can become near spiritual. It’s kind of like having a hot spring built into your home! Getting it done when you build your home is a smart choice, as home builders can do more to ensure proper drainage, plumbing, and foundational needs than someone coming to do it after the fact.

Home Theater – The home theater system is something that’s coming into reach for the modern home owner, thanks to creativity and the relatively simple settings that make a home theater possible. However, at some point, a poorly designed and essentially “home made” home theater starts to feel a little makeshift. With Murphy Custom Homes, you can get a home theater system that feels like the real thing and one you won’t constantly have to upkeep or “take down,” because it interferes with your other living space. A home theater is a simple way to upgrade your nights in for a lifetime.

Heated Bathroom Features – Your bathroom should be a safe haven, and dare we say an escape, especially after you’ve worked for years to have the resources to build your own. In the fall and winter months, that means having a bathroom that’s cozy from the moment you step in. The joy of walking into a bathroom that’s almost as warm as the bed you just left is a simple one, and one that you can make happen with heated bathroom features. 

At this point, everything from your floor tiles, to your shower floor, and towel racks can be heated. However, some of them will involve work done under your flooring, which is much easier to put in than take out!

Wood Stove – A wood stove is a great addition to any home, but especially if you want a home that is both luxurious and rustic. Custom-built mountain or countryside homes can often be efficiently heated by a wood stove. When paired with other energy saving building tactics, it could save costs for both you and the environment. Not to mention, they look great with the backdrop of hardwoods and luxury finishings. They’re a simple, yet sophisticated way of heating your home and feeling a little closer to nature, and the warm feeling of a simpler time.

Make Your Custom Built Colorado Home a Fall and Winter Oasis

If you live in the Colorado Springs area, El Paso or Douglas County, then Murphy’s Custom Homes wants to be your choice of home builder. We are an experienced team who has been working locally since 1985 and we’ve done it all in terms of building the most comfortable and luxurious homes. We know what it takes to make Colorado homes into winter escapes, contact us today and to get a home that makes the most of your life on the Front Range.

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