How to Choose the Best Interior Designer for Your Custom Home

Female interior designer with two clients at office choosing colorsWhen you’re designing your custom home for living in and around Colorado Springs, design work goes way further than the architectural and functional aspects. To ensure it is comfortable and truly projects your personality and lifestyle, you will need an interior designer for your custom home. A good construction company should include this service. Here are some tips for ensuring you get the designer you deserve.

An Interior Designer Who Works for YOU

A good interior designer is there to provide advice but also to work for you and help you get what you want for your home. For starters, the designer can function as a project manager, or your agent, in overseeing the construction and installation work. Another way of putting it is the designer can help explain your desires to the construction team, so there is no confusion. You want someone who “speaks your language”, so you know you are being heard and understood. Obviously, the designer must be fluent with not only appearances and décor, but also building codes, regulations and construction techniques.

Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator

There is a marked difference between an interior decorator and a designer. However, some decorators call  themselves designers, perhaps when they shouldn’t. An interior decorator deals primarily with colors, finishes and furniture.

An interior designer, on the other hand, can handle an entire project from start to finish. Working with the architect and building team, a designer can be on-site throughout construction.

How to Choose an Interior Designer

Follow these guidelines when choosing an interior designer for your custom home:-

  • Someone who understands who’s boss. You want a designer who listens carefully to you and follows your ideas as much as possible. Some designers can get carried away with imposing their personal ideas – sometimes this can be great, while other times a homeowner can feel overwhelmed.
  • Set the budget. Be sure you are taken through a detailed estimate of all interior work and materials. Do this with both the designer and the construction supervisor. Be sure the budget and limits are clear.
  • Get referrals. Talk to past clients and also ask the construction contractor for your custom home to refer professional designers.
  • Check qualifications. The letters NCIDQ mean a designer has been certified by the Council for Interior Design Qualification, which is a combination of US and Canadian regulatory boards. To be certified, designers must submit portfolios of their work, pass an examination, and then continue to work to the council’s standards and code of ethics.
  • See the designer’s work. A website is one thing, but if you can, arrange to physically inspect previous projects completed by the designer.
  • Meet face-to-face. You need to be comfortable with how you and the designer connect.
  • Check everything. Read every detail in the estimate and be sure to ask every question that comes to mind. As a team, you and your designer can ensure every detail is covered.

If you’re building a custom home, you need an interior designer. You need someone with the experience and knowledge who can work with you and take some of the pressure off you in completing the project.

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