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Step 1: House Positioning and Soil Testing

The first thing we do when building your home will be soil testing and determining the position of your house. This is important because this helps determine if the soil can properly support a foundation. We’ll find the position where the home will best be supported and determine whether or not additional foundational supports need to be added.

Step 2: Groundbreaking

Once we’ve determined the competency of your soil and where to position your home, we can start breaking ground. In this part of the process, we’ll simply start digging out the space your home will be on. It’s a momentous day for a custom home, the homeowners, and the builders alike.

Step 3: Excavation

After groundbreaking and digging out the perimeter of your home’s foundation, we can begin excavation. During the excavation process, we’ll dig out the area in order to lay the foundation and make space for where your utility piping will go. This is a tricky, but important step in the process, as improper excavation could lead to a faulty foundation.

Step 4: Foundation

Finally, once we have dug everything out and made space for utility lines as your home’s design demands, we’ll begin to lay the foundation of your home. During this step we’ll install footing for your home, create stem walls for the perimeter of your home and then seal all the elements of the foundation to prevent moisture from ever getting in.

Step 5: Backfill & Slab

After we’ve created the perimeter and necessary supports for your foundation, we can begin backfilling the space. We’ll fill up the perimeter of your foundation with backfill, level it out, and then grade it so it meets the density needed to support the slab of your foundation. Once that’s completed, we lay concrete over the backfill to fully complete your foundation.

Step 6: Utilities

Once your foundation has been laid, we’ll use the spaces carved out during excavation to install your plumbing, electrical, and sewage needs — at least the parts of it that will exist below ground.

Step 7: Framing and Dry In

After we’ve completed the foundation and put in any necessary utility elements, we’ll begin framing your house. In this part of the process, we’ll set up the frame for your home and any rooms that exist within it. We’ll also create spaces for plumbing and electrical where they need to be, in line with your custom home’s design. Once that’s finished, we’ll dry in your home — covering the roof and any other area that might let rain into the frame of your home.

Step 8: Mechanical Rough

After your frame has been built, the mechanical rough stage begins. In this stage, we take care to make sure that all the hard-to-reach areas are insulated, such as behind fireplaces or tubs, and that your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems and wiring are being laid out in a functional manner. Once HVAC and plumbing vents have been installed, we can begin to install your roof.

Step 9: Exterior Finish

After framing, drying in, and mechanical roughing, your home is finally ready to take on its exterior design. In this stage, we’ll provide whatever exterior design and materials you decided on in the design phase and really put the face on your home. Once this step is completed, you’ll be starting to see your custom home come to life.

Step 10: Insulation and Drywall

Finally, once the exterior of your home has been finished, we can start working on the interior of your home, with the first major step being insulation and drywall. We’ll insulate and cover up your home’s frame with drywall, and for the first time, you’ll be able to walk your home with all the rooms laid out, and the interior design and finishing process can begin.

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Now that we’ve walked you through it step-by-step — and haven’t even gotten to the interior — you know that we take our process seriously and make sure every detail is addressed. Without that, we wouldn’t still be building custom homes after 35 years, and we probably wouldn’t be the award-winning company we are. Reach out to us today to see what plots we have for you to build on in the Colorado Springs area. We can’t wait to build a beautiful, luxurious custom home for our neighbors.

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